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Our Story


Created in 2013 by sisters Sacha and Vanessa, Tangerine & Teal encompasses the duos' passion for design, culture and art with classic mid-century modern furniture.


Born and raised in New Zealand during the 70's, by their successful Artist and Screen Printer father, John Staniford - the sister's were surrounded by art and design as kids.

Sacha now resides in Sydney Australia with Vanessa in Auckland New Zealand, their shared passion continues...


Based in Sydney, Sacha has always loved mid-century style, so when her big sister Vanessa began restoring and selling furniture, she did what little sisters do and copied her starting her own business in Sydney.


Sacha restores and sell items made by the mid-century Australian furniture makers including Parker, Chiswell, TH Brown, Fler, Snelling, Fred Lowen, Featherston and Danish Deluxe.

Dedicated to design

New Zealand

Vanessa is an Artist and Designer based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Prior to re-discovering her creative bones, Vanessa was climbing the corporate ladder - until she became a stay at home mum with her first child - it was then she was able to pursue her real passions.


Vanessa broke free from the corporate shackles and now lovingly restores and trades mid-century pieces including Otto Larsen, Don, Jon Jansen, Parker, Ercol, Stag and Viking, as well as some other iconic Kiwi design furniture pieces.


Can't find that special piece?

Item sold? Can't quite find what you're looking for? Don't despair, If there are any items you are interested in we can often source similar pieces.

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Looking to sell an item?

At Tangerine & Teal, we are always searching for interesting pieces. We accept only original and genuine vintage furniture – no replicas.

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