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& Teal

Locally sourced furniture from the original and most celebrated Australian mid century modern designers and makers, including Parker, Korody, Featherston, Meadmore, Danish De Luxe, Fler, John Duffecy, Berryman, Don Rex, TH Brown as well as some British and European pieces sourced locally.


Top Collections


Take a seat

Make a style statement with seating that is comfortable, stylish and sustainable.


Classic Style

Classic 60's original coffee and dining tables, our  vintage tables will make a statement in any room.


Functional Beauty

Give your space an instant makeover with original vintage storage solutions, blurring 

the lines between sculpture and functionality.

Most Wanted


Can't find that special piece?

Item sold? Can't quite find what you're looking for? Don't despair, If there are any items you are interested in we can often source similar pieces.


Looking to sell an item?

At Tangerine & Teal, we are always searching for interesting, unique and well made furniture from the 50's - 90's...we only buy and sell pieces we would have in our own homes... send us a message with a few photos and we will let you know if we are interested, we can then arrange collection and payment.

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